My Tags™ - Black Tags

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*12 characters/spaces max*

"MyTags™" measure 7" x 1.5".

"MyTag™" travel bag tags are made of heavy duty polyester webbing with a welded steel triangular ring and attached with a vinyl coated screw-on steel cable. (to prevent luggage caught in the baggage handling systems), that is stronger and far more catch free than leather straps with buckles. 

Inside every "MyTag™" travel bag tag is a clear pocket for your name and address, so that if your bag gets separated from you, the carrier knows how to get a hold of you.

Letter sizing on the tag will be all CAPITALIZED and adjusted so that the name fits best along with spacing for a better looking tag and will vary from one set to another within the same order depending on the length of a particular name.

For example 'T. WESTHOLME' will be spaced and sized differently on a tag than 'LEE'. Special characters available are " ! ? : ; - . , ' & / # = ) "

Production time can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.